Liz Cooper and The Stampede

Here’s a story you don’t hear often when it comes to up-and-coming rockers:

“It started with golf clubs and country clubs, but now it’s all rock clubs.”

Liz Cooper spent most of her life honing her golf skills, but once she picked up a guitar, she dropped her college scholarship and decided being a musician was the way to go.

She packed her bags, moved to Nashville and…got a job at a country club. But, lo and behold, some of her coworkers also had a band. Those coworkers had a little band called Future Thieves (you may have seen them at last year’s LouFest). Those guys recorded her first EP, Monsters, which led to another EP, and here we are.

Liz Cooper & The Stampede have created music that just feels good. The kind of music that feels perfect for a road trip or a day at the beach. It’s loose and fun, reminiscent of the free-spirited 60s—a little psychedelic, a little reverb.

Be on the lookout for her first full album release soon!