Lost & Found

Lost Something at LouFest?

Please visit the information booths inside the entrances  to fill out a lost item form, or complete the online form.

Be descriptive so we can match your item. During the festival our team will be matching found items with lost forms. If we think we have a match, you’ll receive an email notification with instructions to verify your item.

Found an Item That Isn’t Yours?

If you find something that isn’t yours during the show, earn some karma points and turn it in at the information booths inside the entrances.

LouFest is Over. How Can I Find My Things Now?

Help us help you by filling out a descriptive online form. Remember that not all items are turned in, but we’ll do our best to match belongings and contact you if we found it!

Unclaimed items will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity. LouFest will not be held liable for any lost items.

Lost & Found Hours and Location

During the Festival: Visit the Info Centers between 12 pm – 10 pm and we’ll try to reconnect you.

After the Festival: After LouFest, report lost belongings using our online form. If your item is found, we will contact you with pick-up instructions.Found items will be held for 30 days and then donated to charity. We will also be open on Monday after the Fest from 10AM-3PM near the Box Office. Look for the Lost & Found sign.