Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy started off the way every band wishes they could: a group of friends got together, wrote and recorded three songs, then sent them out into the world. The result? Over 5 million streams on Spotify to date for their first hit, “Astrovan”—all that with zero promotion at all.

Obviously, they were on to something.

They filled out the band with a couple more members then hit the road hard, opening for the likes of The Shin and The Head and The Heart—not to mention playing every big festival you can think of, from Bonnaroo to Lolla to Newport Folk. That whirlwind of hype led them to Dualtone Records, where they recorded their first full length, self-titled album.

The album is a winner from start to finish, but no song hit harder than “Silver Lining,” which has propelled them even further. They’re living the dream, and the only thing left for them to do is play LouFest. Don’t miss these guys.