Quinn XCII

Few can seamlessly blur the lines between pop, electronic, hip-hop, and soul music and resonate with today’s youth, but Quinn XCII has pulled it off. 

His 2015 EP, Change of Scenery, gained him notoriety across the blogosphere, leading to millions (!) of streams, and his follow up EP, Bloom, pushed him even further. Within a few months, he was part of a summertime hit with 2016’s “Kings of Summer”, a collaboration between him and ayokay. The song hit #1 on Spotify’s charts and accumulated more than 50 million streams. Boom.

He spent the next couple years putting on show after show, all with a level of energy and intensity that drove the crowds wild (and somehow found time to record an album). This debut album, The Story of Us, once again garnered him millions of streams and opportunities for more collabs. Catch a few of his hits below.